S1E17 Babao profile pic
Gender Male
Race Human
Professional Status
Behind The Scenes
First Seen Season 1, Episode 1
Last Seen Season 1, Episode 26 (OVA)

Babo use to be Hei's neighbor at the Ōyama Apartment Building


Babo has dark skin, green eyes and short, dark brown hair. He usually wears an orange vest and blue trousers, as well as a set of red and white sweat bands on his head and wrists.[1][2]


Babo is a quiet man, rarely saying anything at all. He spends time drinking and eating with the other residents of the apartment building.[1]

Part in the StoryEdit

The Black ContractorEdit

S1E17 Sakurai Kenji, Babo, Irene, Joshua and Lewis

Babo, Joshua, Lewis and Irene are scolded by Kenji Sakurai for being rowdy.

Babo, Lewis, Irene and Joshua engage in some early morning drinking, much to the annoyance of landlady Misuzu Ōyama. When Irene invites Hei to join them, Misuzu sweeps up a load of dust to stop them from forcing the uninterested Hei to drink with them. Later, while socializing early in the morning, Kenji Sakurai smashes in the door complaining about the noise the four friends were making, much to their shock. When Misuzu enters the room and complains about the door, the four help with the repairs and then have lunch together with Hei and the Ōyamas, during which they discuss the reasons they are there. Afterward, Babo is the first to agree that they should go drinking, though he only shakes his head. The four take Kenji to one of their apartments to drink and Babo listens to the conversations that follow. They carry on until all four fall asleep and Kenji leaves.[1]

Babo later catches Ōtsuka Mayu spying on Hei and becomes convinced that she was stalking himself. He brought flowers for her, but she did not show up again, much to his disappointment.[2]

Gemini of the MeteorEdit

Babo is present in Shion Pavlichenko's alternate world. While he is walking near the apartment building, Suou Pavlichenko runs passed him.[3]


Babo has only one line, at the end of the OVA episode, despite appearing more frequently than other tenants.


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