Mrs. Isozaki
S1E19 Isozaki wife present
Gender Female
Race Human
Relatives Isozaki
Professional Status
Occupation Food Outlet Worker
Behind The Scenes
First Seen Season 1, Episode 19

She is the widow of Isozaki, Huang's partner in the Japanese Police.


She has long black hair which she used to let down, but now keeps tied up in a bun. While she used to wear more modern clothes, at work she now wears a kimono.[1]


She is a kind and warm person, who readily flatters Huang. She finds it difficult to not be able to remember Isozaki despite being married to him for two years before his death, and expresses doubt about Huang's claim that it is commonplace for people in her position to lose their memory, all the while unaware that her memory was erased.[1]


S1E19 Isozaki dies

Isozaki dies in his wife's arms.

For two years, she was married to Isozaki, a police detective and became friends with his partner, Huang. When Huang is leaving their house one night, Isozaki is killed by Shihoko Kishida. She watches as her husband collapses and blood bursts from his eyes, ears and nose. Afterwards, her memory is erased by the Syndicate.[1]

Part in the StoryEdit

The Black ContractorEdit

S1E19 Huang and Isozaki's widow

Huang keeps the widow company on the anniversary of Isozaki's death.

She works in a food outlet where she is visited every year by Huang on the anniversary of Isozaki's death. She enjoys listening to Huang reminisce about Isozaki and shares her difficulties with not being able to remember her husband, which Huang told her was common enough due to the shock of losing a loved one.[1]


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