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Izanami is a weapon made solely for the purpose of slaughtering Contractors, as Repnin hinted at prior, and as further flashbacks show, with Yin slaying several Contractors, including the ones scattered around her in her first appearance. She is then seen in some sort of garden, with her observer apparition taking her physical form, and being clad in a new outfit, with her body and hair glowing blue, the same color as a Contractor's aura.

Izanami is an anti-contractor weapon with Yin inside. The weapon has the ability to take
away a contractor's ability, however, it is uncertain if this is all it can do and no explanation is given as to how it does this.

Now it is clear that Izanami is Yin herself. And after episode 12 of Ryuusei no Gemini, it was presumably inactive.

It is shown in the gaiden episodes, that Yin was possessed by Izanami, when she extends her hand, calling out Hei's name.

Trivia Edit

  • Yin's role in the Izanami is yet to be revealed.
  • It appears that her surveillance specter had gained a mind of its own, eventually becoming more and more humanoid until it gained enough power to act on its own accord.
  • Hei is the only known Contractor to regain his abilities. Yet, it is still unconfirmed if a Contractor can recover his powers after having lost them due to Izanami.
  • Izanami may be named after the Shinto kami, Izanami-no-Mikoto, who, together with her husband, Izanagi-no-Mikoto, created the islands and other deities of Japan.
  • It is never actually confirmed that the Yin dressed in black is in fact Izanami.
  • Yin is dressed in white as the other is dressed in black just like the yin yang.

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