E12 Kituchi
Gender Male
Race Human
Professional Status
Affiliation PANDORA
Occupation Sanitation Division Chief
Behind The Scenes
First Seen Season 1, Episode 11
Last Seen Season 1, Episode 12

Kituchi is a chief of the Sanitation Division at PANDORA.


Kituchi is a short, somewhat plump man with dark hair. He wears a grey and blue uniform of the PANDORA Sanitation Division.


He is typically very strict with his subordinates when on duty, regularly chastising them for anything they do that is incorrect. He is very deferential to his superiors.

Part in the StoryEdit

The Black ContractorEdit

S1E11 Kituchi berates Hei for Mina Kandaswamy fall

Kituchi berates Hei for bumping in to Mina Kandaswamy.

When a new group of recruits arrives at the Sanitation Department, Kituchi oversees their induction. He spends a great deal of time overseeing Hei, often giving out to him for his incompetence. When Corinna Moku is murdered, Kituchi finds her body and reports to the PANDORA Security Chief that she and Hei were somewhat close. He later agrees to keep the Chief informed about Hei.[1]

When Mina Kandaswamy talks to him about Corinna's murder, he sits with Hei while eating a meal and talks to him about his failed relationship with Mina.[2]


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