Real Name Kyou Mifubuki
Gender Male
Race Moratoria
Ability Resonates objects until they crumble
Obeisance None
Professional Status
Affiliation Wiegenlied
Team Kanon,
Shizuma Shinoh
Behind The Scenes
First Seen First Night
Last Seen Final Night

Klang is the main antagonist of the Darker than Black manga. He is a Moratoria, but he has the ability to use his power at will throughout most of the story. He is also the leader of an organisation called Wiegenlied.


Klang has white hair and reddish-brown eyes.



Klang has the ability to destroy things by making them resonate until they explode.[1]

Part in the StoryEdit


  1. Manga, Darker than Black, Chapter 2, page 47

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