S2E2 Kozlov
Gender Male
Race Human
Professional Status
Affiliation Russian Military
Occupation Colonel
Behind The Scenes
First Seen Season 2, Episode 2
Last Seen Season 2, Episode 2

Kozlov is a colonel in the Russian military. He presides over the raid on Mikhail Pavlichenko's house and subsequent search for Pavlichenko's child.


Kozlov is a middle aged, balding man with brown hair arranged in a comb-over. He has blue eyes and a partial beard. He wears a long, dark green trenchcoat and light green scarf.[1]


Kozlov considers Contractors to be nothing more than monsters that are of little value as soldiers, viewing the cost of training and maintaining Contractors as a wasted investment. He is prone to trading barbs with Major Repnin.[1]

Part in the StoryEdit

Gemini of the MeteorEdit

S2E2 Repnin and Kozlov

Kozlov and Repnin trade barbs.

In the aftermath of the raid on the house of Mikhail Pavlichenko, Major Repnin arrives. Colonel Kozlov notes that Goran, one of Repnin's Contractors, was killed rather easily, prompting Repnin to retort that Koslov's forces could not even act as a worthwhile shield for Goran. After discussing the merits of Contractors, Repnin informs Kozlov that he has been ordered to erase the memories of all those involved in the incident using the M.E. and asks where Pavlichenko's child is. Kozlov notes that he is still missing and orders the Doll's to search further afield.[1]

Shizuma Genma's Power

Kozlov tries to fend off Genma.

The next day the police report to him that Pavlichenko's child, Shion, has been spotted and is on the run. Kozlov notes that they have been betrayed and that there are too many people that they have forgotten about that should not have been forgotten. When the policeman asks if he should notify Repnin, he tells him not to as the major has his hands full training Tanya. He leads a detail to capture the child, but Hei escapes with the child and before they can pursue, the detail is attacked first by August 7 and then Genma Shizume‎. Kozlov shoots Genma with a machine gun, but to no avail and is killed by Genma.[1]


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