Gender Male
Race Human
Relatives Michiru (Wife), Norio (Son)
Professional Status
Affiliation Noah Ark restaurant
Occupation Restaurant owner and barman
Behind The Scenes
First Seen Season 2, Episode 4
Last Seen Season 2, Episode 6

Lebanon is a cross-dresser who runs the Noah Ark restaurant. He is the father of Norio and husband of Michiru before she became a Contractor.


Lebanon wears a turquoise, oriental-style dress with a ferret around his neck and golden bracelets. He wears a wig which has long red hair tied in two long pigtails. His actual hair is brown and kept short and he has some stubble on his chin. He also wears red lipstick.


Lebanon was married to Michiru, with whom he had a son, Norio. At some point thereafter, Michiru became a Contractor. When she realized that Lebanon had noticed, Michiru left and he raised Norio by himself.[1]

Part in the StoryEdit

Gemini of the MeteorEdit

S2E4 Lebanon and Suou Pavlichenko

Lebanon talks with Suou.

When Hei, Mao, July and Suou Pavlichenko arrive in Tokyo, Lebanon stops chasing away a cat to greet the new arrivals, noting the attractiveness of Hei. Hei introduces himself using an alias and calls July and Suou his siblings before departing, leaving Lebanon noting to himself that they are a very international family. When Suou shows up outside his store, he takes her in and helps her. When Norio comes in to the shop, he deduces that they know each other, unaware of their involvement in a scuffle shortly before.[2]

S2E5 Michiru, Lebanon, Norio

Michiru visits Lebanon and Norio.

Some time later, Norio tells Lebanon that he saw Michiru, but he brushes this off, demanding to know if he took the flowers from the bathroom to impress Suou. They are both stunned when Michiru enters the shop and asks to use their oven.[3] When Norio fawns over her, Michiru asks why he is so welcoming to the mother who abandoned her. Lebanon comments that Norio was raised well and listens as she warns him not to get involved with Suou or he will get hurt. After Michiru leaves, he accidentally reminds Norio of his attempts to woo Suou and he leaves. Later, Norio returns and secludes himself in his room following Michiru's death. Lebanon brings him more of the cake, but he refuses to eat it. Lebanon attempts to comfort his son, and the two break down in tears.[4]


He was named after the Middle-Eastern country Lebanon.


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