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Bai's Obesience

Bai fullfilling her obeisance by sleeping

Obeisance (契約対価, Keiyaku Taika, also referred to as "Remuneration" or "Contract Payment") True to their names, all Contractors must pay a price for using their powers, whether they wish to or not.[1] Although this payment can be delayed, especially in the midst of combat, it is ultimately unavoidable. It is unknown what happens to a Contractor that fails to pay his obeisance, although Amagiri has stated that Contractors who fail to do so seemingly 'melt like butter' when depriving a captured November 11 of his remuneration. Each Contractor has a unique remuneration, reflecting the chaotic nature of the Hell's Gate. Remunerations are typically difficult for the Contractor and range in severity from irritating to painful. However, there have been a few contractors who enjoy their remuneration and at least one who uses it in conjunction with his or her own ability. It is also possible for a Contractor to fully pay off his Contract, but this is an incredibly rare feat, requiring a drastic and traumatic sacrifice. Mao paid off his Contract, but did so involuntarily at the cost of his body, forcing him to reside in the body of a cat.

Known Obeisances Edit

Known Obeisance Include:

References Edit

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