This is where we will show the results of previous polls given on the site. If you would like for a poll to be created, let us know. We would like to find out answers to your questions as well as see how others on the wiki think.

Poll Results Edit

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  1. Which organisation is your favorite? - poll open form 03/01/10 to 03/02/10 (open)
  2. Which new character is your favorite? - poll open from 30/10/09 to 03/01/10 (closed)
  3. Did you like the first episode of Darker than Black: Gemini of the Meteor? - poll open from 12/10/09 to 30/10/09 (closed)
  4. Which contractor's ability is the best? - poll open from 21/09/09 to 12/10/09 (closed)
  5. Who is your favorite character? - poll open from 10/09/09 to 20/09/09 (closed)