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S1E21 Japanese Police HQ

The Public Security Bureau's HQ.

Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Public Security Bureau is the police force serving the Tokyo area of Japan. The organization has a number of departments, such as the Foreign Affairs Section 4 which is dedicated to investigating activity related to Contractors. It is based in the Hatsudai government building.[1]

Known MembersEdit

Current members of the Public Security Bureau are:

Former members:


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Active members: Yūsuke SaitōNaoya KiriharaYutaka KōnoŌtsuka MayuIssei YanagiTatsuo Yabuta
Former members: Yoshimitsu HoraiHuangIsozakiMisaki KiriharaGai KurusawaKunio Matsumoto
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Active Organizations: CIAFrench Department Of National SecurityKurusawa Detective AgencyMeyer & HiltonMI-6Public Security BureauRussian IntelligencePANDORASection 3
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Inactive Organizations: National Astronomical Observatory of Japan

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