S1E21 Rika Father
Gender Male
Race Human
Relatives Rika (daughter)
Professional Status
Affiliation Home Run Cafe
Occupation Cafe owner and chef
Partner Rika
Behind The Scenes
First Seen Season 1, Episode 7
Last Seen Season 1, Episode 26 (OVA)

He is the owner of the "Home Run Cafe" in Tokyo, a restaurant frequented by Hei, Gai Kurusawa and Kiko Kayanuma.


He usually wears a chefs outfit and has unruly brown hair, a brown goatee and brown eyes.[1]


He is typically jovial and easy going. He would like to have ESP so that he can clear the tables and prepare food more quickly for the cafe.[1]

Part in the StoryEdit

The Black ContractorEdit

S1E15 Rika, her dad, Gai, Kiko in Home Run Cafe

Watching the news in the cafe.

He is the chef and chief waiter at the cafe, preparing and serving meals for customers.[2] Hei is a frequent customer of his, and thanks to Hei's exceptionally large appetite, he always looks after Hei well. During one such visit by Hei, the owner is listening to a TV show discussing Contractors albeit without knowing what they really are. When the shows panelists mention ESP, he states that he wants to have that and asks Hei if he would too and tries to sell the idea to Hei.[1]

S1E23 Rika and her dad watch stars

Rika and her dad stargaze.

When Gai Kurusawa and Kiko Kayanuma visit the cafe looking for response to a survey about the old stars, before the appearance of Hell's Gate and the loss of the old stars and moon, he tells them a story about Rika. When she was really young, she disappeared at a fair and was eventually found staring at the stars. Rika comments how cute she was, which he agrees with.[3]


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