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Shihoko Kishida
Gender Female
Race Contractor
Ability Rupture Internal Organs
Obeisance Regaining her human emotions
Professional Status
Affiliation Syndicate
Behind The Scenes
First Seen Season 1, Episode 19
Last Seen Season 1, Episode 20

Shihoko Kishida was a Contractor working for Syndicate.




Rupture Internal Organs: Her power only works once per target. It ruptures a victim's internal organs. They are destroyed from the inside out, causing their blood to leak from every orifice. To activate the power, she commonly places her hand on her chest.

Obeisance: Her Obeisance has the use of her powers cause her to regain her human sensitivity for a short time. This can put her in a state of psychological shock due to the abrupt swing of emotion.



Shihoko and Huang

Years ago, she was tasked with assassinating Isozaki, Huang's partner when the two were detectives, after learning that he was linked to covering up the murder of one of the Syndicate's operatives. She had gotten very close to Huang in order to figure out which of the two was working for Alma's organization, leaving Huang with an emotional scar for many years.

Part in the StoryEdit

An operative of the Syndicate even longer than Huang, she is a Contractor tasked with the job of infiltrating Alma's organization to gather intel for an eventual assassination.

Although she experiences human emotions during her remuneration, she realizes that her feelings for Huang are genuine because even though her Contractor emotions came back, the memories she had together with him still made her feel warm. She later commits suicide by jumping in front of a truck, saving Huang from being targeted by the Syndicate.


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