Tatsuo Yabuta
Tatsuo Yabuta
Real Name Tatsuo Yabuta
Gender Male
Race Human
Birthplace Japan
Professional Status
Affiliation Japanese Police
Occupation Police Sergeant
Behind The Scenes
First Seen Season 1, Episode 8
Last Seen Season 1, Episode 8

Tatsuo Yabuta is a police sergeant, serial number 01217538.


Tatsuo has short, swept back, brown hair, sideburns and stubble on his chin. He wears a brown suit and black tie.[1]


Tatsuo is somewhat abrasive towards Gai and trades barbs with him. Gai states that Tatsuo cannot think like a true police detective ought to be capable of.[1]


Tatsuo served in the police at the same time as Gai Kurusawa, who went by the name Mastukichi at the time.[1]

Part in the StoryEdit

The Black ContractorEdit

S1E8 Tatsuo Yabuta and Gai Kurusawa

Tatsuo discusses the death of Toshiko with Gai Kurusawa.

Tatsuo is tasked with investigating the death of Toshiko Katsuragi, the first wife of Yuzuki Sakutarō, after Gai Kurusawa reports the discovery of her body to the police. After examining the scene, he delivers Mao to the home of Yusuki's second wife and asks her some questions. Later, Tatsuo tells Gai that he intends to close the case as an accidental death, all the while poking fun at Gai for leaving the police and believing that suicides of Fiore Perfume Company employees were linked to Toshiko's death.[1]


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