Gender Female
Race Human
Birthplace Japan
Relatives Father,
Unidentified brother,
Unidentified sister
Professional Status
Affiliation Nishi Toutama Junior High School
Behind The Scenes
First Seen Season 1, Episode 3
Last Seen Season 1, Episode 4

Yuka is a junior high school pupil and she is one of Mai Kashiwagi's friends.


Yuka has long brown hair tied up at the back and two bangs framing her face. She has brown eyes and wears a traditional uniform at school. Outside school, she wears a long sleeved t-shirt, three-quarter length trousers and trainers.


Yuka attends the Nishi Toutama Junior High School along with Mai and they often spend lunch time together, along with another friend. Yuka has a older brother and younger sister.[1]

Part in the StoryEdit

The Black ContractorEdit

Yuka and her friend spot Mai being driven by Hei. Mai asks them where they are going and Yuka tells them the usual place. Mai joins them in the restaurant where they discuss Mai's unusual lifestyle due to not having parents at home. Yuka invites Mai to dinner that night, but changes her mind after initially agreeing, saying that something happened which might prompt her father to come home that evening.[1]

Yuka and her father being burned

Yuka and her father being burned to death.

When the police are trying to find Mai, they create a story that the area is being evacuated due to a dangerous gas pipeline. Yuka and her father are among those being evacuated from the area. Yuka finds Mai and tries to get her to accompany them. Her father sees this and also encourages her to flee the area. However, Mai warns them away. She then unintentionally sets both of them on fire and kills them with her ability.[2]


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