Yuzuki Sakutarō
ScreenHunter 06 Jan 25 00 02
Gender Male
Race Human
Relatives The Widow (Second wife),
Toshiko Katsuragi (First wife)
Professional Status
Affiliation Fiore Perfume Company
Occupation Makes perfume
Behind The Scenes
First Seen Season 1, Episode 7
Last Seen Season 1, Episode 8
Japanese Voice N/A
English Voice N/A

Yuzuki Sakutarō was an executive of the Fiore Perfume Company. He died a few years prior to the beginning of the series.


Yuzuki started his career as a perfumer and went on to become a high ranking member of the Fiore Perfume Company. He was married twice, first to Toshiko Katsuragi and then to his second wife whom he stayed married to until his death. Upon remarrying, he gave the house he grew up in to Toshiko.[1][2]


Yuzuki was an old man with sagging facial features. He had long, greying hair around the sides of his head and was bald on top. He wore traditional Japanese dress.[1]


Yuzuki had an obsession with odor and his second wife noted that he had an extremely strong sense of smell and prized scent above all other senses. Yusuki felt that body odour had a special meaning, akin to a defining characteristic. While he loved the odor of his first wife, he did not like the odor of his second wife and always made her wear perfume.[2]


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